An AI Otter That Loves
Documenting Code

Welcome to OtterDoc, a trusty VS Code extension that effortlessly handles code documentation so you can focus on what really matters: coding.

Code Diff

How it works

OtterDoc Writes Your Docs

Run the VS Code extension and OtterDoc will automatically generate your documentation.

Save developer time and let OtterDoc write the docs. More time writing code and less time writing documentation

OtterDoc will keep your documentation up to date as you write code. No more forgetting to go back and update the docs.

What We Do?

The service we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

Automatic Documentation

Just like an otter using a rock to crack open a shell, OtterDoc deftly cracks open your code and extracts all the necessary details to create top-notch documentation.

Integration with VS Code

OtterDoc lives in your VS Code environment. No need to switch back and forth between tools. It's right there with you, swimming alongside as you code.

Language Agnostic

Whether you're coding in JavaScript, Python, C++, or Rust, OtterDoc can handle it. It's as versatile as an otter is adaptable.

Timer Saver

Otters are known for their efficiency in the wild, and OtterDoc is no different. Save precious coding time and let OtterDoc handle the documentation.

Get Started Now

Getting started is easy. Just download the VS Code extension and you're ready to go.